Word-Caster Testimonials

  Dr. Xuehua Xiang, Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics    
  University of Illinois at Chicago    
Word-Caster has provided excellent editorial services since the spring of 2006. My first experience working with Word-Caster was during the completion stage my doctoral dissertation in Applied Linguistics. Since then Word-Caster has provided helpful, timely, perceptive, and altogether very constructive reviews and feedback for various projects in my professional work. The editorial assistance has greatly improved the clarity, precision, and expressiveness of many manuscripts. I greatly appreciate Word-Casterís professional dedication, responsiveness, and expertise.  

  Dr. Pao-Nan Chou Post, Doctoral Fellow & Adjunct Professor
Graduate Institute of Business Administration
  Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan    
During three years of advanced study at The Pennsylvania State University. Word-Caster was always available to assist polishing my academic manuscripts. In the course of editorial reviews, I gained not only from identification of weaknesses in writing skills, but also from instruction of how to write as a professional. Through Word-Casterís guidance, I am more confident in my academic writing, which allows me to become a more productive and contributory researcher. I highly recommend Word-Caster as an outstanding and uncompromising editorial resource.  

  Dr. Pei-Hsuan Hsieh, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Information Management    
  National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan    
Word-Caster is expert in proofreading and editing manuscripts for academic journals. Word-Casterís insight is an essential resource for successfully providing manuscripts valued by journal editors and peer-reviewers. Word-Casterís professional guidance and suggestions are invaluable, especially in preparing qualitative surveys.  

  Dr. Tze-Kuang Lee, Assistant Professor,
Department of Child Care
  National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan    
Learning English for academic writing has been enhanced through the expertise of Word-Caster. Word-Caster takes both professional and personal interest in assisting me in successfully preparing my manuscripts. Timely and efficient review of documents simplifies my research and publication responsibilities.  

  Dr. Janghyeon Nam, Researcher
Center for Hospitality and Tourism Research
  Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK    
Thorough, high quality reviews of research manuscripts, attention to detail, and rapid turn-around make Word-Casterís editorial assistance cost-efficient. The personal attention to my individual needs eases my anxieties and difficulties with writing publishable, professional English.  

Dr. Kemal HACIEFENDIOGLU, Ondokuz Mayis University    
Ondokuz Mayis University, TURKEY    
Word-Casterís manuscript reviews allow me to overcome significant difficulties and improve my facility with English sentence structure. In addition, reviews of complex scientific papers are completed very quickly.  

  Dr. Seoki Lee, Assistant Professor    
  School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Word-Caster has consistently provided not only quality editing services for my writing, but also significant advice and ideas for improving content. Word-Caster is, unqualifiedly, the best for editing. The personal pride applied, and attention given, to assist improvement of any writing are gratifying and unusual. In addition, uncompromising honesty and professionalism only enhance the experience.  

  Dr. Shane Martin, Lecturer in Political Science    
  Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland    
Before using this service, I always received negative comments about my writing and grammar. I came to Word-Caster with a sense of desperation. Collaborating with Word-Caster has worked wonders with my English expression. Not only do the reviews and comments polish my manuscripts, but also, importantly, Word-Casterís highlighting of specific problems provides invaluable instruction for on-going self-improvement. I continue to seek Word-Casterís feedback; today, I always receive positive commentary on my writing.  

  Tatiana Vashchilko, Doctoral Candidate in Economics and Political Science    
  The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA    
Word-Caster always edits very promptly and efficiently. I am able to not only submit high-quality manuscripts in English, but also I learn the properties of writing scholarly papers through reading and analyzing Word-Casterís exhaustive comments. My writing in English has substantially improved since I began accessing Word-Casterís excellent editing service.