Word-Caster Tutorials

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These “lessons” are the result of decades of editing and represent an accumulation of recurring problems, deficits, and downright errors that befall, often unknowingly, practitioners of English writing.

In particular, these tutorials arise from the expressive efforts of those laboring in English as a Second Language (ESL), and whose cultural imperatives may be at variance with those in the United States.

The resource, provided here, is dynamic, evolutionary, and perhaps, revolutionary. These tutorials undergo periodic revisions (every writer needs an editor, even Word-Caster), additions, as new topics make themselves known, and improvements for increasing usefulness. Those visitors to this website who are serious about improving their written expression in English should revisit frequently for additional guidance and insight.

For the most part, readers of these tutorials will gain exposure to rational explanations for, “Why?” The annoyingly boorish, Walter Cronkite tagline, “And that’s the way it is,” the hallmark of clueless “experts,” is absent. Fair representations of differences of opinion allow serious students to measure and choose their options. The silly, illogical, and unsubstantiated will receive derision and ridicule.

Currently the list of tutorials includes:

  • Short course for creating useful abstracts

  • A not-so-quick guide to cover letters, resumes, and CVs for professionals

  • Passive voice: The expository backdoor to thinking in reverse

  • Point of View: Who is the audience, anyway?

  • Quotation marks, apostrophes, and other troublesome squiggly things that cause problems

  • “Their test result, s/he,” and other politically correct abominations

Access to these tutorials is by password protected subscription. Since maintaining this website and in particular this tutorial section requires considerable time and effort access is by subscription. Word-Caster.com accepts neither advertising nor subsidies. A nominal charge of $6.45 (USD) per year helps defray the cost of professional, clerical, and technical assistance necessary to make this useful material available.

PLEASE NOTE: Word-Caster’s editing and proofreading clients automatically receive no-charge, complementary subscriptions.