To initiate discussion with Word-Caster for an editing or proofreading assignment, simply click here and complete the Contact Form. Word-Caster will respond by email, usually within 24 hours, US East Coast Time.


  • • Upon receipt of a manuscript, its review becomes part of a master schedule.

  • • Word-Caster reviews manuscripts in the order in which they arrive.

  • • Word-Caster does not impose a premium fee for “Rush” assignments. If an assignment has a very short deadline, acceptance of the assignment depends only on the possibility of adjusting the master schedule. If adjustment is not possible, Word-Caster will reluctantly decline the assignment.

  • • An assignment must be in-hand before placement in the master schedule. Word-Caster will not assign a place in the master schedule on the assumption that a manuscript will arrive as promised.

  • • Clients should avoid last minute, emergency, or rush assignments. Since these situations are sometimes unavoidable, without guarantee, Word-Caster will accommodate the client’s needs if possible.


  • • Word-Caster will proofread both hardcopy or electronic manuscripts.

  • • Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Word review are the preferred electronic formats.

  • • Clients may choose hand annotated, on hard-copy review [example] or an electronic review [example].
    • • Hard-copy edit is most effective when a face-to-face post-review consultation is possible. Hard-copy reviews use telefax or postal service for document transmission. Electronic transmission of scanned documents often leads to illegibility.

  • Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, using a 12-point font, and 1-inch margins [Time required and fee estimates use these standard parameters].

  • If the client anticipates submission to a journal or a review panel, if available, a copy of the author’s guidelines, or guidelines for submission should accompany the manuscript. Word-Caster will conduct the review of the manuscript according to the published standards.


    Word-Caster is happy to complete a “test review” of a page or two of a manuscript to allow the client to evaluate a proposed review’s thoroughness, level of detail, comment annotations, focuses of review’s attention, and time requirements.


  • • Clients can expect open and timely communication with Word-Caster regarding any in-progress assignments.

  • • Clients are encouraged to contact Word-Caster at any time with issues and concerns.

  • • In the course of completing an assignment, Word-Caster will inform the client of any delays, difficulties, or impediments.

  • • Should an unforeseen circumstance appear to unduly impact completion of an assignment within previously agreed time or cost constraints, Word-Caster will suspend review until the issue reaches a resolution to the client’s satisfaction and with the client’s approval.

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