Fees and Payment

  • Ø      Fees range, per editing hour, from the student rate of $35.00 (USD) to $75.00 (USD) for corporate clients

    §         Students, please provide proof of status

    Ø      Clients receive free yearly access to Word-Caster Tutorials

    Ø      All payments are in USD ($)

    Ø      First-time clients will provide a deposit equal to 50% of estimate when submitting a manuscript for review. If the deposit exceeds the actual fee, the balance will be immediately rebated to the client.

    Ø      Word-Caster, on rare occasions, accepts retainers for anticipated future work.  These arrangements are individually negotiated.

    Ø      Payments are received via PayPal.com

    §         Can use personal credit card, debit card, or checking account if registered with PayPal

    §         International payments are most convenient and less expensive than bank transfers; currency exchanges through this service are automatic.

    §         Some countries have limited access to PayPal

    §         Payments via third parties in the US are acceptable

    §         In US & NA, other arrangements: By pre-arrangement personal checks, delivered by postal service are acceptable.

    Ø      No charge for

    §         Initial consult

    §         Follow-up clarification

    §         Telephone or email consultations (within reason).

    Ø      Fees are according to the editing hour or portion

    §         If an assignment requires less time than the initial estimate, the client's invoice reflects only the actual editing time

    §         Second edit of revised drafts incurs additional fee

    Ø      Notes on Fees

    §         A review's quality and thoroughness, and reviewer's productivity, not the hourly editing rate, are the true measures of lowest final cost.

    §         A review that requires a reedit due to ineffective attention to detail or compromised editing quality increases actual final cost.

    §         Conscientious, personal attention and extensive annotation provide an avenue for a client's long-term advantage in skill development and add value extending beyond assignment completion.

    §         A lower hourly rate but at reduced productivity may increase final cost.

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