Word-Caster has:

College-level instruction in Business and Technical Communications, Fundamental Composition, and Literature.

Decades of management and practice in all aspects of Corporate Communications including product promotion materials, technical specifications, financial documentation, manuals, and advertising.

International Clients in Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Australia,

Served clients from Mongolia, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China , Saudia Arabia, Jordan, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Russian Republic, Tajikistan, Pakistan

International clients residing the US in California, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Vermont, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina

Word-Caster has Editorial Experience in:

Instructional Systems

Information systems

Structural Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Mining Engineering


Animal Science

Mathematics, Online, Music, and Special Needs Education

Manufacturing Engineering

Plant Genetics


Tourism and Hotel Management

Business Administration


Chemical Engineering


Political Science



Medical Research




International affairs


Grant Proposals

Medical Instrument Technology


Teaching and Research Interest Statements

Employment Documents: Resumes, Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letters



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